Award-winning author/illustrator Sam Usher transformed our bookshop windows into a scene from his fabulous new picture book FOUND

We were delighted to welcome Sam Usher to the bookshop for the day to paint this fabulous underwater window display celebrating the publication of his new picture book FOUND. Okehampton is worth a visit for many reasons but this is definitely one of them, so come and look!

FOUND: ‘It’s a warm summer’s day, so Boy and his grandad pack up their provisions and head for the seaside. There’s so much to do, from exploring rock pools to building a magnificent sandcastle. But their day takes a different turn when they go for a swim and find a baby seal caught up in a net. Its rescue leads Boy and Grandad on a thrilling underwater adventure!

All the excitement of a day at the beach is captured with Sam Usher’s stunning illustrations in this classic book, the fourth in a highly collectable series, following on from WILD, FREE and LOST’.