Hermit: Jade Angeles Fitton

Such a magical evening with Hermit author Jade Angeles Fitton in conversation with local author & publisher Elizabeth Ducie. A huge thanks to both for their lively, warm and gently thought-provoking talk – what a joy!

Hermit: A Memoir of Finding Freedom in a Wild Place is set in London, North Devon and Lundy Island; it’s an inspirational story of recovery and finding home, and a celebration of solitude in the natural world.

‘As the day draws to a close, I walk through the old stone village, and again I get the feeling I have fallen off the edge of the world and into another one, an older one, where time is neither linear nor circular, but static. This island contains all the habitats I am familiar with and it feels the same as the other rural, isolated environments I’ve known but… different. It’s as if every living thing here knows a secret.’ 

Do treat yourself to a copy of Hermit this summer – either from us or your nearest Indie Bookshop.

‘A fascinating odyssey through the origins and practice of solitude, fused with Fitton’s profoundly affecting personal journey… A beautiful, chimeric book.’ Tom Vowler