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The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower : (Volume 7)



Paperback 736 pages, B&W integrated illustrations by Michael Whelan
Hodder & Stoughton 16-Feb-12
King, Stephen

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Now with a stunning new cover look comes THE DARK TOWER, the seventh captivating volume in King’s epic fantasy series THE DARK TOWER.

The final book in King’s epic The Dark Tower series, sees gunslinger Roland on a roller-coaster ride of exhilarating triumph and aching loss in his unrelenting quest to reach the dark tower.

Roland Deschain and his ka-tet have journeyed together and apart, scattered far and wide across multilayered worlds of wheres and whens. The destinies of Roland, Susannah, Jake, Father Callahan, Oy, and Eddie are bound in the Dark Tower itself, which now pulls them ever closer to their own endings and beginnings and into a maelstrom of emotion, violence, and discovery.

And as he closes in on the Tower, Roland’s every step is shadowed by a terrible and sinister creation. Finally, he realises, he may have to walk the last dark strait alone…


‘King’s magnificent uberstory is finally complete . . . King’s achievement is startling; his characters fresh . . . his plot sharply drawn . . . It is magic’ DAILY EXPRESS’Strange, scary and utterly gripping – the perfect start to an unforgettable journey’ GUARDIANTHE DARK TOWER SERIES:THE DARK TOWER I: THE GUNSLINGER THE DARK TOWER II: THE DRAWING OF THE THREE THE DARK TOWER III: THE WASTE LANDS THE DARK TOWER IV: WIZARD AND GLASS THE DARK TOWER V: WOLVES OF THE CALLA THE DARK TOWER VI: SONG OF SUSANNAH THE DARK TOWER VII: THE DARK TOWER THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE: A DARK TOWER NOVEL


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