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The Folklore Oracle



Other 192 pages
Watkins Media Limited 12-Sep-23
Bass, Mike

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This wonderful linocut-style card deck features characters and beings from the folklore of the UK and the US: Creatures such as Mermaid, the Brownie, the Boogyman, Sasquatch, Black Shuck and the Jackalope.

Divinities such as the Green Man, the Muse, the Banshee, Pan, Sheela-na-Gigh and Herne the Hunter.

Trees such as Oak, Maple, Willow, Yew, Hazel and Redwood.

Animals and birds such as Fox, Raven, Badger, Rattlesnake, Wolf and Eagle.

A booklet details a profile for each card, including three quality keywords, a story to bring the character or being to life, three divinations (each linked to one of the quality keywords) to show what the card means when it comes up in a reading, and suggested practices for working with character’s energy. Use the deck as an oracle to answer questions, to fire up creativity, connect with nature, and enrich daily life with a sense of magic.


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